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Our company specializes in discovery, development and production of Roll forming machine,Roof tile forming machine,Guardrail forming machine,Glazed tile roll forming machine, Roll former machine,Wall panel forming machine,Cold Forming Machine, C/Z Shape Purlin Forming Machine,Double sheet forming machine,Floor Decking Forming Machine,EPS Sandwich Panel Machine .....

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Honor About yaxing


Honor About US

Many years before, our company considers “Quality is first, trust is root” as our principal, to meet customers’ demand is our target. We can supply from machine design to after-sale all service with high quality and professional technique.

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Feature Products

C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine C/Z-Shaped Purlin Roll Forming Machine adopting integrated adjustment suitable for different specification C and Z purlin products.
◆ C purline Forming Machine can produce many types of C-shaped pruline.The whole line mainly consists of uncoiler and its base, coil sheetflattening equipment, punching equipment, pre-cutting equipment,C-shape forming system, hydraulic station, and controlling system.

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Guardrail forming machine

Guardrail forming machineThis Guardrail forming machine(forming machine,roll former) includes decoiler system, sheet guiding system, lubrication system, roll forming system, cutting system, auto-stacker system, hydraulic system, automatic control system and etc. We can customize machine according to your requirement. Technological Process: Uncoiling—Feeding—Leveling—Punching—Roll forming—Cutting—Products

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Sandwich Panel Plant Layout

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  • Colored tile Forming Machine
  • Steel Roof Tile Forming Machine
  • Slitting Line Roll Forming Machine
  • K-span curving roof roll forming machine
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  • Floor Decking Plate Roll Forming Machine
  • colored cold roll forming machine
  • Hydraulic Uncoiler Machine
  • Leading Products

    Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

    Glazed tile roll forming machine can provide various tile with steady and polish surface, which are used to construct curvaceous roofs. This highly accurate machine series adapted with PLC and adjustable node length more than 120mm.....

    Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

    Roof panel roll forming machine, adopting roll forming method, can produce beautiful appearance, strong panels which are extensively used in roof construction or outdoor decoration. This type of machine possesses advanced and innovative technology that can provide convenient roller change. This type can be equipped with PLC control.

    Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine

    Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine

    The product from the roll forming machine looks beautiful and widely used as the roof & wall of garden, factory, hotel, exhibition center,etc Machines components: Roll forming machine consists of uncoiler, coil sheet guiding device, main roll forming system, cutting device, Hydraulic station, PLC control system and support table. .

    Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

    The machine can be used to produce 2 different profiles of corrugated steel sheet, e.g. 2 wall &roof sheets, or 1 wall & roof sheet and 1 floor decking sheet. Customer can choose the type. 1.Variable frequency speed control 2.Multi-purpose for overlap connection 3.Auto power off


    color-steel sandwich plate compound production line can compound the corrugated compound plates for once. The whole set production line is composed of the feed unrolling system, molding system, cutting device, compounding system (rib pressing, glue coating, heating, compounding, flanging, notching, trimming, pneumatic and automatic cutting). The whole process is computer-controlled. It is the necessary equipment for producing the faceplates and wallboards for industrial workshops and warehouses.




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