Double Layer Forming Machine,Double Sheet Roll Forming Machine

      Double Layer Roll Forming Machine can separate produce corrugated roof and IBR roof in one line or similar two profiles.

      This roll forming machine can separately produce corrugated roof and IBR roof in one line. Automatically cut to length, PLC control, alternating Current Frequency Conversion.This line consists of 5 Ton Mechanical uncoiler, guiding and feeding device, DUAL LEVEL roll former, run out table, PLC controller, hydraulic post-cutting equipment, electrical control system, hydraulic system, etc.

double forming machine
Advantage: available for two profiles roof panel shared one frame,save the cost.
double forming machine
1) Used to produce different roof panels and wall panels
2) Produced panels have such advantages as below:
a) Fine profile
b) Attractive color
c) Agile connecting
d) Slightly curved
3) dual-level roll forming machine
4) We can design and manufacture different type of it to hit your particular profiles requiremen