Downpipe forming machine,downspout forming machine

YX Downpipe Forming Machine


  Drainpipe bending machine can bend the roll formed pipe, and let the drainpipe and the bending connect to be the whole.

The product after roll forming has long working time than the tranditional ppc pipe, and not aging. It can make the project more integrate, and help to enhance the image of the all project.

Drainpipe forming machine is composed of uncoiler, the feed leading table, the main machine, the formation cutting device, hydraulic system, control system and the product bracket.
Main parameter:
1. Install size:12000mm*1000mm*1400mm
2. Rolling material: Forging Steel 45#
3. Rolling galvanization thickness:0.05 mm
4. Material of the cutting blade :Cr12
5. Productivity:9 m/min
6. Electric control system: PLC vector inverter
7. Main motor power: 3 KW
8. Hydraulic unit power: 3 KW
9. Hydraulic station press: 18-20 Mpa
10. Raw material thickness: 0.4-0.6mm

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