Dust Shield Forming Machine,Dust Shield Full-Automatic Roll Forming Machine

YX Dust Shield Forming Machine

dust shield full-automatic roll punching and forming machine

Product introduction:
Dust Shield Full-Automatic Roll Forming Machine
This machine is Automatic computer control for punching, forming and cutting totally increase the work efficiency,
We will offer more details if needed.
Various of bulk materials stacking in open air cause dust pollution and materials lack even make bad environment for residents and factories.
The principle of Dust shield wall is the same as aerodynamic principle , there will be two phenomenon separate and adhesion behind the wall
when the wind though the dust shield wall´╝îAnd appear above and blew interfere airflow, they decrease the speed of the wind and reach the effect of dust shield.
This machine is widely used in
1. power plant, coal mine , coking , coal washer collection factory.
3. Steel, building material cement enterprise and other open air material factory
4. Railway ,road coal collect factory.
5.Construction field, dust raise.

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