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The Colored Steel Sandwich Panel production line mainly consists of the Corrugated Roll Forming Machine and the Colored Steel Sandwich Panel Laminator. With this machine colored steel wall panels or colored steel roof panel can be produced in just one-time, and the Corrugated Roll Forming Machine and the Sandwich Panel Laminator can work independently. The whole production line of the Corrugated Roll Forming Machine consists of the uncoiler, cold-bending roll forming machine, cutting device, whereas the Sandwich Panel Laminator consists of the uncoiler for colored steel, EPS block, or mineral wool panel, shallow wave for wall panels pressing device, extruding system, mixed-glue spraying, heating and pressurizing system, sandwich, flat curling, edge rolling, edge-turnover, grooving, edge-trimming device, pneumatic clamping device, automatic plastic film coating device, automatic cutting, product stacker;

EPS Sandwich Panel Production line

EPS Sandwich Panel Production line

EPS sandwich panel machine can product EPS PPGI sandwich panel

The whole line of EPS sandwich panel machine consists of 8 parts:
I.Core material conveying rack
II.Closing plate rack
Set one closing plate at each side and each can put one reel.
III.Steel plate dischargerack
1Two sets of glue instruments are for different demands of different plate model.
2Equip it with two pressure and closing structure, including power plant and principal machine complex velocity synchronizing mechanism, which makes closing plate at thickness of 50mm,75mm and100mm.
3Be equiped with coil of strip cutoff device to decide lower steel plate.
4Edge milling device is equipped for milling remainder inserted when making EPS core plate with pocket.
5One set reinforcing-bar structure which can put reinforcing-bar up or down to press or not.
IV.Principal machine
1Nine pairs of rubber roller move ahead with sandwich plate which is tightened.
2Glue evenly and dropping device.
3One set of glue pump component.
4One set of reinforced-bar device.
5One set of shearing device for cutoff upper steel plate.
6One electrical control box with two transducers for solely controlling velocity of principal machine and output of plastic pump.
7Four jack plate shape machine with adjustable holddown depth.
8Four set of groover.
9All kinds of beaders
10Hand rails and stairway attached each
V.Sandwich plate dinking machine
1One electrical control box and one built-in transducer for controlling speed of cutting knife. And one set of built-in automatic cutting device for controlling cutting fixed length and automatic scaling.
2Holddown cylinder and reposition cylinder.
3One pedestal.
VI.Color steel plate tamping machine
VII.Main conveying rack
VIII.Vice conveying rack

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