Uncoiling machine, Leveling machine, Shearing machine, Collecting machine line

Uncoiling- Leveling-Shearing-Collecting line

      The slitter line consist decoiler,slitting machine and winder. Unit control adopts hydraulic system. It is featured in fine automatization, accurate slicing, orderly coiled material and complete types.
      This series of producing lines apply to different model of coils. Through uncoil, checking level and cutting, this producing line offer the tidy sheet for special length and width. This producing line is reasonable wired and easy operated. With high degree of automation, it can operated on stainless steel plate, colored sheet, aluminum plate and other kinds of galvanized or clad sheet. This producing line can be used in making area of car, container, home appliances, food product, packing and building material. This producing line is mainly composed of small car, single or double head uncoiler, premier and accurate checking system, trimming shears, stacker and leading system. Meanwhile this line equiped with swing bridge, guiding system and corrective device.


Uncoiling- Leveling-slitting-Shearing

 This producing line is suit for coils in different specification, through uncoiler, flattening, slitter, cutting, finally form a plate in needed length.
This line is composed of uncoiler, feed leading table, slitter, cutting device, hydraulic station and computer control system.
The optional machine is: manual uncoiler, hydraulic uncoiler.
Main parameter:
1. Install size: 8000mm*2000mm*1500mm
2. Electrical system: industry PLC control
3. Main motor power: 3KW
4. Hydraulic unit power: 3 KW
5. Productivity: about 9m/min
6. Slit width: adjustable for request
7. Raw material thickness: 0.35-1.5mm
8. Raw material width: 1000-1250mm