YX-900 Wall Panel Forming Machine








1 Main moter power: 3KW
2 Hydraulic station power: 3KW
3 Hydraulic oil pump: CB-E310
4 Sprocket: P-25.4
5 Roller station: 9
6 Yield strength: 32MPa
7 Diameter of principal axis: 70MM
8 Material of roller: 45#steel hard chrome plating
9 Processing speed: 8m/min
10 Thickness: 0.3-1mm
11 Installation dimension about(L*W*H): 6.5*1.5*0.8M
12 Total weight: 3.8T
13 Equipment parts: 5T decoiler, roll forming system, hydraulic system, PLC frequency conversion control system, counter, cutting system.