Glazed Steel Tile Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine


1. Suitable to process: Colored Steel plate, galvanized board 
2. Width of the plate: 1000mm Cold Forming Machine
3. Rollers: 14rows 
4. Rolling material: Forging Steel 45# 
5. Rolling galvanization thickness: 0.05 mm 
6. Material of the cutting blade: Cr12 
7. Hydraulic oil: 40# Roll forming machine
8. Dimensions: 7.4*1.45*1.51m 
9. Power: 4+4kw 
10. Thickness of the plate: 0.3-0.6mm roll former
11. Productivity: 0~3m/min 
12. Diameter of the roller: 70mm 
13. Weight: About 4.5T Cold Roll Forming Machine
14. Voltage: 380V 50Hz 
15. Processing precision: Within 1.00mm 
16. Equipment components: Man-made uncoiler, Roll forming machine, compture control system, hydraulic control system, press forming, cutting 
17. Transportation: One complate equipment need one 40feet container to hold 
18. Payment terms: 30%deposit, and balance before delivery  roll forming
19. Standard components: Chain 1 PCS, Hydraulic oil pipes: 2 PCS, electromagnetism valves 1 PCS. Limit switch: 2 PCS 
20. This products used in tour beauty spot, hotel, exhibition, holiday village building forming machine
20. This machine is mainly compose of feeding table, forming machine, stamp forming device, forming cutting device, hydraulic system, computer control system and discharge table. The optional devices have manual uncoiler, hydraulic uncoiler and auto stacker. (Optional).
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