Hydraulic decoiler machine


Detailed Product Description
The Hydraulic Uncoiler Machine consists of the moving dolly,uncoiler with pressing arm,frame with lead rail,and hydraulic system Roll forming machine
Hydraulic Uncoiler Machine Parameters:
           For moving dolly
             Capacity            max.10tons roll forming
             Speed                6m/min
             Lifting                max.550mm
             Moving               max.3000mmCold Forming Machine Cold Roll Forming Machine
           For uncoiler
              Capacity           max.10tons
              Inner Dia           About 508mm;610mm(gasket is required)
              Width               max.1500mmforming machine
              Center adjust    max.250mm
           For hydraulic
               Max.hydraulic pressure    16Mparoll former
               Motor power     10.5KW
               Air pressure      0.9Mpa
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