YX35-125-875/750 color steel roof panel roll forming machine


 YX35-125-875/750 color steel roof panel roll forming machine

We company customized all kinds model color steel tile roll forming machine, according to the user’s requirements.






Brief introduction

Color steel tile adopts color panel through Rolling color steel to different wave shape. It is suitable for industry and civilian building, warehouse, special building, big span steel structure etc. Light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient construction, quake-proof, rain-proof, long life, no maintenance etc. Now it is widely used.

Roll forming machine


Technical process


decoiler- guiding& feeding- roll forming- cut to length- discharge







Technical parameters

Raw material Width:1200/1000mm

Raw material: color steel plate, galvanized steel plate

Rolling speed: 10-16m/minCold Roll Forming Machine

Raw material Thickness: 0.4-0.8mm                        

Material of roller: High quality 45# steel or 40Cr

Roll hard chromium plating: 0.05mm

Spindle material: 40# steel

Reducer: Cycloidal motor reducer Cold Forming Machine

Kind of drive: by tooth chain

Host structure: wallboard type structure

Cut way: automatically hydraulic cut off

Hydraulic power: 3 kw

Control system: PLC automatic control system

Electrical brand: Mitsubishi or Panasonic series

Electrical pressure: 380V 50HZ (can depend on client request) roll forming






THE characteristics of main structure

a, Simple structure and beautiful outlook, rack adopt h-beam welding base, wallboard structure, overall intensity high, Suitable for the high intensity load.


b. Equipment other important Components adopt domestic famous enterprises and effectively ensure the equipment performance from surface.


c, using full-automatic fixed-length molding blunt type and cut off, fixed-length accurate location, strip shape head and tail beautiful tidy, changeless form.



d, The installation and debugging of equipment is convenient and equipment is suitable for factory , construction site to produce.





Equipment composition



Decoiler: a set 

Molding host: a set roll former forming machine

Finished cut institutions: a set 

Electric control cabinet: a set 

Hydraulic system: a set 

Discharging Bracket: a set




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