YX-750 colored tile roll forming machine


Working Flow:
Decoil →Guiding system→Roll forming →Pressing to length→Cut to length →Output the finished products

Technical parameterRoll forming machine roll former


Material      Typle:colored steel

    Thickness: 0.5-0.6

   Yield strength: 230-300

Max.Forming speed   4-5m/min
Cold Roll Forming Machine Roller material  45# steel with chrome
 Roller driven type  Chain transmission
 Controller  PLC
 Operation  Touch screen+button
 Hydraulic system pressure  12 Mpa
 Hydraulic station motor power  5.5 KW
roll forming Cold Forming Machine  Main motor power  4 KW
 Total power  9.5 KW
 Total weight  forming machine   about 10000 Kg


Machine Components:
A) Decoiler
B) Roll Forming Machine
    1. Guide device
    2. Roll forming system
    3. Pressing system
    4. Post-cutting device
    5. Complete mobile safety cover
C) Product Rack
D) Electric control system
E) Hydraulic system




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