YX19-50 Steel Panel Roll Forming Machine


The informations of Roof Roll Forming Machine ,Roll Forming Machine and Metal Roll Forming Machine are as follows:

 Roll forming machine roll former forming machine

1. Main Accessories: 

(1) Main Machine

(2) Manual/Manual Decoiler(you can choose the one you prefer)

(3) Hydraulic SystemCold Roll Forming Machine

(4) PLC Computer Controlling System

(5) Forming Cutter

(6) Run out Table ( 3 units )

(7) Manual in EnglishCold Forming Machine



The keel machines produce kinds of keel forming panels according to client's requirement, including C shape,U shape,hat shape ,L shape ,etc. They are widely used in ceiling and wall of the steel-structure construction. roll forming





Keel Machine.jpg

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