Z purlin flying saw roll forming machine


Main Technical Specification:
Passive leak: manual up tight, passive leak
The bearing of decoiler: 5T
Rack: The thickness of  middle plate is 20mm which adopting 400H steel welding
The form of Forming Machine-driven feeding frame: slidewise roller
5. Forming Machine Shape: wall-type chain drive
6. Shaft Diameter: 80 mm solid shaftCold Forming Machine Cold Roll Forming Machine
7. Chain: 2 inch
8. Forming Machine Motor Reducing Qear drive
9. Forming Machine line speed: 12-15m/min
10. Forming Machine Tracks Number: 7 roller flattening, 12 roller molding
11. Roll Material: bearing steel
12. Roll heat treament : HRC58°-60Roll forming machine
13. Hydraulic station motor: 15kw
14. Hydraulic Oil Pump: Tailwan JinYong Gear pump
15. Cutting method: Flying saw cut, mesopore is set freely
16. Flying saw motor : 15KW
17. Rolling thickness :1.5-3.0 mm
18. Accuracy of fixing length: ± 2mmnon sparking tools
19. The computer is adopted with PLC, Japan's Panasonic
Usually, our roll forming machine includes hydraulic decoiler,sheet
guiding equipment, pre-cutting device, film device,roll forming system,
cutting equipment, hydraulic station, electric controlling system and
supporter.roll former forming machine  roll forming
Working flow:
Decoiling the sheet→sheet guiding→roll forming→measure length→cutting the panel→panel to supporter
The manufacturer cycle of equipment is 15 days.
The length of main machine is 9.8m, the width is 1.1m, and the height is 1.3m. 


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