EPS Sandwich Panel equipment


Product Description
EPS Sandwich Panel equipment, Iaminator for corrugated sandwich panel mainly consists of a roll forming machine and a sandwich Panel laminating system. Through this line, corrugated sandwich panels can be produced directly, without the shortcoming that traditional corrugated sandwich panels have to be laminated manually after the forming of corrugated sheet. Moreover, both the roll forming machine and the laminating system can work independently. The roll forming machine of the line consists of feeding system, roll forming systm and cutting system, while the laminating system is made up of such equipment as decoiler, feeding, squeezing, heating, laminating, edge rolling, edge turn-over, groove-making, edge pruning, pneumatic device, automatic cutting and PLC. The whole machine possesses advanced working crafts. 
The sandwich panels of this line are widely used as the roof and wall of factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, gymnasium, civil construction, stadium, cold storage, etc. Roll forming machine
Technical parameters 
1. Size: 42000mm x 3600mm x3300mm (Length xWidth x Height) 
2. Controlling system: PLC  roll former forming machine  roll forming
3. Total power (including heating): About 40kw 
4. Working speed: 1000~3000mm/min Cold Forming Machine Cold Roll Forming Machine
5. Suitable working temperature: About 25 
6. Density of EPS: >18kg/m 
7. Suitable material for production: 1000~1200mm (0.5~0.6mm)
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