Steel Roof Panel Double Layer Roll Forming Machine


Steel Roof Panel Double Layer Roll Forming MachineProduction Processing:    

Roll forming machine roll former forming machine

Deociler→Guiding→Roll-forming Machine →Hydraulic cutting →Run out table


Main Parameter


Panel specification                     1200/1000 x (0.4-0.8) mm

Forming speed                          15 meter/minute   

Forming stations                        24

Roller material                            Fine steel precision work processing of

                                                GCr 45High frequent quench: HRC58-62    

Material of principal axis             Fine steel modulation processing of 45Cold Roll Forming Machine

Main machine power                  7.5KW

Hydraulic cuting power               5KW, 12Mpa   

Cutting tool material                   Cr12 Mov

Tolerance in length                    ±1.5mm per 3000mmCold Forming Machine

Control system spec.


2.Touching Screen                 

3.Rotating coder                  roll forming     




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