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Disadvantages Of Playing Roblox. Cons With so many games to choose from parents of young children have expressed concern about violent or inappropriate content rising to the surface The ERSB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) suggests Roblox is safe for “Everyone +10” but has only based this ranking on the game’s Xbox One interface.

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At times a Roblox moderator may not work correctly and children might get exposed toRoblox is very addictive and can be a dangerous game.

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Disadvantages 1The Removal of Events Roblox HAS made a big mistake Which is removing Events Changing to LiveOps It only brought up Mortal Boost and Hatred It appears that they Cancelled Future Events For a feature that barely lasted a year long.

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Roblox is akin to a social media site with a gaming component Players can befriend one another and play games as a group Social networking might be frightening especially for young children so don’t panic! Roblox includes security features that prioritize your child’s safety See the Security section for further information! 2 Develop logical thinking skills.

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What are the benefits of playing Roblox? Roblox allows kids to play explore socialize create and learn in a selfdirected way What is the disadvantages of Roblox? Cons Any time kids spend online comes with inherent risks like cyberbullying and sexual harassment.

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Like any online multiplayer game there is little to no control over the types of people or age limits of those playing the game Despite the fact that strict chat filters can be activated blocking inappropriate words and phrases children are still susceptible to being targeted by online predators This problem isn’t unique to Roblox.