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Does Too Much Terrain Cause Lag Roblox. It depends If you make a massive map (1024) it may lag a bit but not too much If you go further than 1024 you will have more lag An advice would be removing the bottom of the terrain to improve performance The laggiest is water because it moves but you can change it on propierties and I remember making games with oceans and it didn’t lag.

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The downsides to the bricks are that they produce more lag than terrain but terrain is reliant on voxels so you can only transform terrain in a 4×4 ^ ish increment However I may be wrong with my points so take them with a grain of salt 1 level 2 6 yr ago Dylamb.

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Advanced Terrain cause lag on game? Is a good method? Help and Feedback have on the terrain it also separates moves according to the other part it is entirely to make maps without using Terrain (which LAG also) But that is a good idea? Since use a lot of parts and make union on all parts and people said union lag and have a terrible Feb 13 2022Jan 26 2019Sep 06 2018Jul 20 2018.

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Studio Terrain Lag Game Dev Help God I am making a 2044 x 2044 (highest size) desert by literally using the generate tool in the studio Everything is fine when it’s done etc but when I go to play/test I get maybe like 3FPS?.

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Hey there again roblox reddit! It seems as though I get a good amount of complaints about the lag on my game I have a heck ton of terrain when I took the large excess out it loaded so much quicker! It used to be like 2530 seconds for it to load on my pretty decent computer which is nuts I’m sure a lot of people clicked out of it by then.