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How To Make A Tycoon On Roblox That Saves. Give each component of your tycoon an ID preferably a whole number and store it in the name Make an array of numbers that you can progressively refer to and then store and load from DataStore So lets say a player bought the first 5 objects in your tycoon Ex.

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Many gamers assume that the game saves progress automatically so they can just exit it However you should not do this since there is a save button on the control panel which will prevent you from losing everything that you have done Just click on this button and you can then return to the point where you left the game by choosing “Load.

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Dino Zoo Tycoon If you’ve always wanted to bring your plastic dinosaurs to life Dino Zoo Tycoon lets you create a dinosaur zoo that.

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One very annoying thing The annoying thing data doesn’t always save Yep Data doesn’t always save Which is actually annoying Worse even is when it works then later it won’t and rarily save (Please keep in mind I started with one DataValue just to get the basics and I’m gonna add more I’ll share the scripts with the only data.

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