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Journey To The Ceiling Scp 3008 Roblox Youtube. epic it took me an hourthat’s how you waste time in quarantine.

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Mod Menu (v23) The Mod Menu is an exclusively VIP server accessible tab found only in VIP servers for people who have permission to access them This menu has a vast amount of options to change settings of the game in the server like spawning new objects changing gravity and throw force and way way moreMissing youtubeMust include.

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A Plot is a space found everywhere in SCP3008 that may contain an assortment of objects to be consumed or used later It is exactly 40 studs long on each side and can have different types of flooring A plot will also have 5 studs of margin on all sides of it making it have a total of 50 studs with margins included on each side A map in the game can spawn with 51 by 51 plots for aMissing youtubeMust include.

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If you just want to know and see what the top looks in 23 here you go.

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Scp 3008 Fun Warehouse Roblox By John Roblox

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i love this game base i built (SCP3008) : roblox reddit

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The Map Layout of SCP3008 is organized in a grid of 7×7 towers each one with small plots around them The map shown on the right shows the layout of a default map the light squares represent plots and the black squares represent pillars The pillar names and numbers when unchanged range from A1 to G7 Most pillars (36 of them) will have an area of 8 plots by 8Missing youtubeMust include.