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Roblox How To Make Audio Repeat. Use a loop and instead of hardcoding the wait time why not use the soundEnded event while true do for i = 1 8 do local current_sound = gameWorkspace[“Sound” i] current_soundPlay() current_soundEndedWait() end end What this will do is play all 8 sounds waiting for them to finish to advance to the next soundAug 25 2020Feb 08 2020Dec 02 2017Nov 19 2017.

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To finish the for loop type do and press Enter to add end Any code typed between do and end will run each time the loop repeats for count = 10 0 1 do end Now to create a secondbysecond countdown just print the value of count and use the wait function to create a.

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i’m trying to make it so when the sound ends it activates the function playsound () again so music can loop But by using the property SoundEndedWait () it seems like it does nothing because after testing it doesn’t print anything or play the other track local rp = gameGetService (“ReplicatedStorage”) local MusicFolder = rp.

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wait () you need this otherwise roblox will crash [SCRIPT HERE] end But if you want to make a script repeat a certain number of times you need to add some more detail to your script If this is you use this script T = 10 for i = 1 T do [SCRIPT HERE] end.

Eat Sleep Tiktok Roblox Repeat Shirt Cute Glitter Tee For Etsy

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Audio on Roblox can be used for many reasons Whether it’s from adding one to your game or just for fun it’s always important to know how Of course if you do it wrong it will take time to fix but in this article you’ll learn some simple steps on how to correctly and easily create and upload an audio on Roblox.