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Roblox Infection Roblox Studio. Hello! Question how can I make like chunk loader so I have models (names like Chunk1 chunk2) I’m planning to make so for example I don’t know how to get model position or size of a model? because how can I check if the player is near the chunk or no? Using plrDistanceFromcharacter() or checking position but there’s a trouble as it’s a model it’s not.

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Children's online game platform Roblox is infiltrated with

Children’s online game platform Roblox is infiltrated by sexuallyexplicit games featuring strippers Nazis and bondage Roblox is especially popular with young children aged between nine and 12.

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How to detect if player is near of model? Roblox

is ‘gang raped’ by other players Girl’s Roblox avatar

A concerned mother’s viral Facebook post has once again called into question the safety of the popular game Roblox In the graphic post.