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Roblox Project Jojo Crazy Diamond. Hello folks today I’ll be showcasing the stand Rumble in Project JoJo to get it you must use Rebirth Arrows or Stand ArrowsGame link https//wwwrobloxco.

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level 1 2 yr ago Crazy tusk used to absolutely dominate the meta and was one of the biggest reasons for the fusion rebalance Since the rebalance it’s been pretty shit Go with a stone free sub or star plat oh or for subs fuse it onto a ssb smpu boku no rhythm kqau or regular tw 3.

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An unofficial subreddit for the roblox game Project jojo created by MlgArcOfOz and inspired by Hirohiko Araki’s long running manga series Jojo‘s bizzare adventure 80k.

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Trading SL2 clean Crazy Diamond Trading Close 1 Posted by Highway Star 2 years ago Trading SL2 clean Crazy Diamond project jojo project project jojo looking looking looking for an arrow As you all know update by update that roblox publishes pjj loses actual functionality and the longer we go the more it will deteriorate So I.

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Today on Project Jojo we showcase CRAZY DIAMOND!Game linkhttps//wwwrobloxcom/games/1135391284/ProjectJoJoTheir dischttps//discordgg/SaQv8PCCheck these.

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Crazy Diamond shoots a metal bearing from it’s hand dealing high damage (Y) (With Healing Mode) Homing Bearing Shot “I’ll just have to pummel you from here!” Crazy Diamond shoots a metal bearing to a random target in it’s range This bullet works like Tusk Act 3’s previous E move.