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Roblox Reason 2 Die Awakening Minigun. 개요 [편집] 좀비 아포칼립스가 배경인PlaceRebuilder의 Reason 2 Die 의 후속작이다 130 리밸런스 업데이트로 많은것이 추가되거나 삭제되었다 대표적으로 슈타이어 M 모션 리모델과 대부분의 게임패스 삭제 등등 2 플레이 방법 [편집] 인간이나 좀비로 생성되어 Missing minigunMust include.

R2da Minigun Gameplay By Foxscrub roblox reason 2 die awakening minigun
R2da Minigun Gameplay By Foxscrub from R2DA MINIGUN GAMEPLAY by Foxscrub

SummaryBackground StoryTipsProsConsThe M134 Minigun or Minigunfor short is a heavy machine gun that has the capability of shredding zombies apart in a matter of seconds It has a 150round capacity and contains 2 magazines but has the disadvantage of a 15 second revup time and a slowed walkspeed specifically removing 8 walkspeed from the play.

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Reason 2 die is a free game on the 3D website roblox the game has the same story as left 4 dead but unlike left 4 dead each level is a finale Write the first section of your article here Remember to include links to other pages on the wiki Write the second section of your article here Don’t forget to add a category to help people find the articleMissing minigunMust include.

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The latest tweets from @XelPixelsMissing minigunMust include.

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**As of right now the game is discontinued Thank you for all these years PlaceRebuilder** The unofficial subreddit for the ROBLOX game “Reason 2 Die Awakening” which was created by PlaceRebuilder Here you can discuss the game and find information about it as wellMissing minigunMust include.

R2da Minigun Gameplay By Foxscrub

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