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Roblox Scary Elevator Characters. Currently Roblox usernames can consist of 320 characters using letters numbers and a single underscore (_) which must not be the first or last character of the username I think that ANY Guests are creepy because ROBLOX banned them all and they removed the pants and the hat and everything that the Guests woreMissing elevatorMust include.

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Teddy is killer in The Scary Elevator and he moves the same speed as the Killer He appear in these floors Daycare Appearances Teddy is a yellow stuffed bear will blood on his body and face And he has red eyes.

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Imscared is a killer in the Scary Elevator and it moves slow It Appears on these floors Imscared Appearances It originates from the game Imscared A Pixelated Nightmare in which it’s known by the name Whiteface The reasoning for it’s name change is most likely because the name “Whiteface” is censored by Roblox.

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