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Roblox Studio Character.torso. Its like when i try to rotate the upper torso The grid where the character stands on will start rotating instead If i i rotate the upper torso to the left the grid will aggressively rotate to the left and the legs will rotate with the grid Hello all I’m really new to Roblox studio and looking to make the next best Horror game I.

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The torso is found in almost all humanoids It is a 2x2x1 part A torso is important to any Robloxian or Humanoid because without it the arms legs and head would not be attached to anything Losing your torso will cause you to lose all your health The torso is the part under the head above the legs and between the arms It is important to the character once again.

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A glitch that works to this day! [Last checked 2021].

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I’m working to create a gun/character system somewhat similar to ArmA 3 Something important to note about ArmA 3 is how when you look down your characters torso bends forward to point his weapon around I want toOct 10 2021Aug 09 2021Feb 09 2021Jul 21 2018.

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How Roblox animations work A character or a model must have a rig in order to animate A rig consists of attachments and a Motor6D object for each part The Motor6D object is a nonvisual node that your model uses to move two model attachments Think of Motor6D as the joint for your character joints Each joint has six degrees of freedom to move with.

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local torso = gamePlayersLocalPlayerCharacterTorso > change that to get the player’s torso however you want for i = 1 10 do > iterate (loop) from one to ten torsoCFrame = torsoCFrame + Vector3new (010) > I think that is what you’re looking for wait (1) end > go back to the top of the loop until i has reached 10 print (“done.