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Roblox Super Checkpoint System. SUPER CHECK POINT REVAMPED! is a game on Roblox created by magic277 It is a remaster of Super Check Point! The game is an obby with a limited amount of lives to beat with 5 paths to choose from each having their own set of stages and a boss at the end of them The game has 4 unique aspects compared to an average obby on Roblox with that being orbs characters.

Control Is Finally Getting Better Checkpoints Gamerevolution roblox super checkpoint system
Control Is Finally Getting Better Checkpoints Gamerevolution from

SUPER CHECK POINT! is a Roblox Obby created by magic277 which is a remastered and upgraded version of SUPER CHECK POINT! Legacy New content and features were also added including multiple Paths Chance Points Heart Coins and Adventure Mode .

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Setting up the Checkpoint System Each player has a certain SpawnLocation assigned to them Every time the player touches a new spawn the new location replaces their old one If they fall they will respawn on the last spawn location they touched Add the Team Service You can use a tool called Team Service to create multiple spawn locations Each team has a unique spawn.


Regular spawns work fine but they clutter the HUD with all the teams and can be annoying sometimes I’m looking to get a checkpoint system that works pretty much like regular spawns in an obby but doesn’t have teams and instead a checkpoint/stage value on the leaderboard Anyone willing to make these for me? If you press TAB the team list hides.

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DeletionEventsTriviaOn May 24th 2019 the game was suddenly deleted The reason was unknown until magic277 released a screenshot of the warning he received The game was deleted due to using copyrighted background music.

Control Is Finally Getting Better Checkpoints Gamerevolution

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