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Roblox Team Command. All Bedwars Commands for Roblox Advertisement /kick Username In place of “Username” enter the user name of the player whom you want to kick from the match Be sure that you actually enter the user name and not their display name because then the command won’t work /hub Enter this command to go back to the lobby hub.

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Commands Functionrespawn Respawn the mentioned user(s) res Respawn the mentioned user(s) kick Kicks mentioned user(s) from the game Reason is optional cmds Displays a list of all accessible commands by the user mod Grants moderator permissions to the mentioned user(s) admins.

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===== List of commands randomize team (playerplayer) (team name) ban (player) unban (player) logs shutdown admin unadmin serverlock serverunlock sm (system.

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Hey! Guys it’s me! Today I’m showing you a chat command this is the 2nd episode of that series!Link’sRoblox https//webrobloxcom/users/62046764/.

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Most Common Admin Commands in Roblox You can access admin commands by typing “/” to launch the chatbox then type “ [command]” Advanced commands include “ [command] [player name.

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It can also be accessed using the “/t” or “/team” commands Before 2014 safechat players could not use this feature Examples % Advance up we can get a better view there [Player] (TEAM) Advance up we can get a better view there The % character must be the first character.