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Unique Obbies On Roblox. What are the most unique obbies ? Discussion i’m searshing for a unique obby not just aimless jumps with very unique mechanics ext 4 comments share save hide report A community for Roblox the free game building platform This community is unofficial and is not endorsed monitored or run by Roblox staff 463k Members 446 Online.

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Storybased obbies Storybased obbies typically have a unique storyline to them while giving the player obbies and sometimes minigames Escape obbies Escape obbies were typically much more detailed in decoration with a defined storyline compared to classic obbies The main premise was to escape a building or object like “Escape the Bank Obby” “Escape School Obby”.

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Obstacle courses or more commonly known as Obbies or Obbys are one of the best genres available on this platform If you are searching for the Best Roblox Obbies to play in 2022 then we’ve picked out the top ones for you In this type of games you need to complete tackle various obstacles to be the winner.

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@SuperDrag23 “you had from many games to choose from most of which were original and unique” No? Original and unique? I’d be willing to say a good chunk of early roblox games were derivative tycoons obbies build to survive games and even just roleplay games I’m not saying they were bad just saying they weren’t exactly original or unique.

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The Mirror Game is one of the most complex obbies on ROBLOX that features a steady learning curve and just the right amount of challenging components to make it addicting Already featuring 13 challenging levels (the last of which can earn you admin commands) the Mirror Game is not even close to being finished.

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I just like obbies don’t question me Press J to jump to the feed Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Search within r/roblox Roblox is a game creation platform/game engine that allows users to design their own games and play a wide variety of different types of games created by other users.