Why Did Chccon Get Banned On Roblox

Why Did Chccon Get Banned On Roblox. We should be able to get refunds for clothing we’ve bought that was moderated and deleted later Earlier today i went to the customize avatar page on roblox and saw that one of the shirts i bought was deletedSo i observed it and it was indeed deleted (the reason why it was deleted was that had been moderated which it wasnt really that bad since it was one of those.

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Hello there I’m Vojta I just creating my game and I want to test it But I get a kicked reason You been banned from this is game I don’t know why In Roblox I not banned I checked all script but I don’t find script doing it Please help me thank I gotDec 24 2020Dec 23 2020Mar 06 2020.

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Karl (known on Roblox as BloxyColaThief) is a Roblox game developer notable for developing Siren Head Rebirth and Siren Head Night of The CryptidsHe is also known for being the viceadministrator in Check It Containment Corporation and a scripter for the Church of Decay He is currently working on a new game titled Hunting Season for his own group Soda Thief Studios.

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Fans claimed to have discovered a forum post from a Roblox staff member in January 2019 that stated any content in connection to Kjellberg would be banned “due to his content redirecting to unsafe and inappropriate sites/channels as well as continued inappropriate behavior” The Verge has reached out to confirm the Click to see full answer.

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how to re activate banned roblox account 12M views Discover short videos related to how to re activate banned roblox account on TikTok Watch popular content from the following creators ????hi????(@bellameza549) Why did you open my account?(@dgenerous) Helps To Roblox Problems(@robloxhelp97) Heh(@crayolaplaydoh) playz_roblox120(@playz_roblox120) .

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Sometimes people do get banned for no reason or for nothing However most bans are reasonable If you got banned for no reason please contact roblox to see what and you could just make a new account.